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Family Stories from Madison County

This site contains stories I have written for my children and grandchildren telling something of life growing up in Madison County New York in the 1920's, 1930's, and on into the 1940's,1950's and later. My thanks to my daughter, Fay Page Lackey for designing and building this site from "scratch" and for trouble shooting whenever I have a problem working with it.


Note from Fay Page Lackey: My father died on March 22, 2011. I will maintain this site as a memorial to him, and as a reminder to us all to pass our history on to our children. I can be contacted at owls@hughes.net.


New Stuff: It is February 2011, and I am up-dating this section. The "new stuff" I had listed is no longer "new." A story about my father, "Clayton Leland Page" has been added,and can be found by scrolling down to "Stories about People." (Read about my mother under "Erma Jones Page.")Also added is a series of three stories about my experiences as a volunteer. Scroll on down to see "Volunteering". Today, February 12, 2011, another story has been added about "Our Changing Farms". Scroll on down to find that one

As of April 2008 most of the stories which were on this site at that time, were published in a book entitled "Family Stories from Madison County, New York" and is being sold by the Madison County Historical Society as a fund raiser. Contact them for details at history@mchs1900.org

I am now 90 years old (Nov. 2010) and have lived in Madison County all my life as did my parents and grandparents. The events described are as I remember them. There was no historical research to check on the accuracy of my memory. My wife, Alberta, also added her memories to some of the stories. In presenting these tales I am trying to pass on to the younger people an idea of how we lived and what we saw and heard about. Also included are pictures, old and new, miscellaneous anecdotes and tales.There also are some other stories and pictures that depart from those "How we lived" type of stories [e.g."Tickle-Tales" just for fun. (You can ponder their "complete truth"?)----Charles E. Page, October 30, 2010 Oneida, N.Y.

Charles and Alberta Page

Charles and Alberta Page


I retain the copyrights to all the stories on this site. The story "Minnie Lloyd Jones" was previously published in Madison County Historical Society's Heritage Magazine. [number 24, 1999]. The companion story "Minnie Jane Lloyd" was also published in the Heritage Magazine (Number 25 in 2000). A third story "Life in Matthew Jones' Time" appeared in the Heritage Magazine (number 29). Fourth and fifth stories appear in the Heritage Magazine #36 at the top half of p. 8 and on pages 18-20. These tell about the old one-room schoolhouses.

If anyone wishes to use my stories for non-commercial purposes please feel free to contact me. [This site is still on-going (maybe), so you can expect there will be changes, additions and deletions]

SPECIAL NOTE: Sadly, I must report the death of my wife, Alberta, on March 20, 2006. She was my wife for 59 years, 7 months--my best friend and partner in all things. C.P.

Alberta Page

Alberta Page Sept. 2005

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